Seymour Zises, President and co-founder of Family Management, writes bi-monthly opinions on issues and observations of relevance to clients and investors.

Primal Scream
March – April 2016

The country is fed up, and we are not talking about the Federal Reserve Bank. Senator Sanders and Mr. Trump are the conduits for voter anger, and clearly it is the politicians who have brought it on themselves. To think that just until a short while ago, Congress could trade legally on insider information makes

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Lighting the Fuse
January – February 2016

As if there were not enough concerns to start the year, the falling Yuan precipitated by China’s weakening economy hit the markets hard right out of the gate in 2016. Oh, and then Mr. Kim Jon-un decides to light a bomb – maybe an H-bomb, but maybe “only” the A-bomb……now really is that any better??!!

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The Yuan View
November – December 2015

The Chinese currency, the RMB or Yuan, will be entering the exclusive club of world reserve currencies. These are the currencies commonly used in international transactions and often considered a hard currency or safe-haven currency. The RMB now joins the Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling, Yen and Swiss Franc. Welcome Yuan!

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The Debt End

The government is revisiting discussions about raising the debt ceiling. What about a conversation regarding tax incentives for investment and savings as well as infrastructure rebuilding? What about creating cost containment programs within Obamacare or restructuring other entitlement programs? With short-term interest rates at or near zero for an extended period, it is clear that

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Something’s Rotten in Denmark
July - August 2015

In this century we might add Greece to the list, with Italy, Portugal and Spain not far behind. It used to be that bankruptcies led to restructuring, debt relief and policy changes. Today, bailouts which pile more debt onto nations is the common solution, and that is true for the U.S. as well.

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