Seymour Zises, President and co-founder of Family Management, writes bi-monthly opinions on issues and observations of relevance to clients and investors.

September-October 2022

Every day another inconceivable event occurs that causes us to believe in magic. However, it generally does not happen here on Earth. How sad! We can alter the path of asteroids in space but are not able to manage the infrastructure and distribution in this country at a level that provides for safe water, reliable

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The Walmart of Worry
July-August 2022

If the Nation’s leading retailer thinks inflation is a big problem, you can bet it is a BIG problem. In our view, the price of oil is a major factor in inflation and inflation will not come down to acceptable levels unless oil prices retreat significantly. Some people believe a slowing economy in of itself will

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It’s A Small World After All
May-June 2022

There is no question that globalization has driven lower costs for consumers over the last two decades as production moved to the most competitive parts of the world. Is that going to change? We think so, and the result will be higher costs to the American consumer. Wherever we look, here are supply and demand

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A Crude Reality
March-April 2022

It is such a pity and a shame that Russia is devastating Ukraine. We all watch hopefully as Ukraine is courageously fighting back. The sanctions imposed by Western governments and the abandonment of businesses inside Russia have had steep consequences. The most significant market result thus far is a sharp increase in the price of

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Fear & Greed
January-February 2022

The investment world rises and falls on the emotions of greed and fear. In January, the prospect of higher interest rates, tension between “The West” and Russia over Ukraine, and inflation brought fear into the hearts of investors. Fortunately, money is made thinking and not feeling. Our thoughts are focused on how to take advantage

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