Branching Out

Taking care of your finances goes far beyond investing in stocks, bonds and funds.

Life Insurance

We are able to look at your family’s entire financial picture and offer experience and perspective. We analyze your current policies and help you secure a life insurance strategy that meets your short – and long-term – goals.

Tax Planning

Our management team can consolidate the holdings in your investment portfolios and suggest approaches for taking full advantage of ever-changing laws*. We are able to work in tandem with your accountant, and provide detailed reporting for tax purposes.

Estate Planning

In a changing environment, smart up-to-date estate planning is crucial to building a legacy, and to best fulfilling your intent. With our active attention to current estate and trust issues, we are well positioned to discuss ways to both maximize value to beneficiaries and enable you to avoid potential pitfalls.

Large Financial Transactions

Whether it’s buying real estate or selling a business, many of our clients will face the complexity of significant transactions that can involve intertwining issues of financing, payment-terms, and taxation, to name a few. We can assist by introducing you to experts in these areas and helping to coordinate the transactions.

Charitable Giving and Philanthropic Trusts

Charitable giving is part of our culture, and is a meaningful financial objective for many of our clients. We can help plan and manage philanthropic activities to maximize the social goals most important to you.

*This should not be construed as tax advice. You should always consult with your tax professional with regard to specific tax questions and obligations.

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