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Family Management Intern Class of 2016

New York:  In this – the year of the summer intern selfie – Family Management is pleased to present our summer intern class of 2016. They are from left to right: standing – Trevon Jackson  (York College, Business Management, Freshman), Brett Berkenblit (University of North Carolina, Pre-Business Studies, Sophomore), Laurella Dotan (Washington University in St.

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2015 Tax Information for Family Management Clients

New York: Each tax season the Family Management team is ready to help Clients and their Accountants with their preparation for 2015 taxes and answer any questions that they may have. The following informational road map is being mailed to Clients to assist with the preparation of their taxes:   INTEREST, DIVIDENDS, & REALIZED GAIN/LOSS

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Family Management offers online access to accounts from Quicken®

New York: Family Management announces download capabilities from clients’ brokerage accounts directly into Quicken® software. Quicken® is a leading personal finance software package used by individuals and families to record expenses, manage accounts, track investments and capture net worth. One of the features of Quicken® is that it has the ability to link directly to

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Family Management partners with BNY Mellon to offer Jumbo Mortgages and Customized Lending Solutions to Clients

New York: Family Management announces access to custom credit solutions for its clients through a partnership with BNY Mellon. The jumbo mortgage offering includes a full range of adjustable-rate and fixed rate mortgages, 100% financing options as well as construction, loan modification and hybrid solutions. The custom lending offering includes a flexible line-of-credit that provides a

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